Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rasuwagadhi fort falling apart

     The walls of the Rasuwagadhi fort in the district are falling apart due to the use of heavy equipment and rampant extraction of the gravel and soil for the ongoing construction of a bridge along Nepal's border with China's Tibet, just a stone's throw away from the site of the historical fort.

     Four meters of the fort's wall has already fallen down while cracks have developed along the fort, which was constructed in 1912 B.S. during the Nepal-Tibet war.

     The local administration, however, is trying to fudge the issue.

     "Recent torrential downpour is responsible for the damage," said Chief District Officer Basudev Ghimire, adding that the Government will take initiatives to "conserve" the structure.

     Shortly after the agreement between Nepal and China to construct the Friendship Bridge at Timure VDC in the district a few years back, the Department of Archeology had urged the government not to go ahead with the construction of the bridge at the site of the fort.

    The construction work began only last year after the Department gave a conditional approval for the bridge to construct it at least a foot above the fort, and i such a manner that it wouldn't have any impact on the structure.

    Following the green signal, a team of Nepali and Chinese officers had sealed an agreement for the construction site has left the fort on the verge of destruction.

    Once a major landmark along the age-old trade route between Nepal and Tibet, the fort was instrumental in the victory of the Nepali side in the Nepal-Tibet wars during the rule of Bahadur Shah and Jung Bahadur Rana.   

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